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Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton
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Fan Art Proof Sets Trading Cards & Misc
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Promotional Photos - Vintage 60's

full 8"x10" photo
more crisp and sharp than
the smaller one below
this 8"x10"photo was used in the trading card below

donated by Diane K

close up of left

Caption sheet came with picture to left.
mortonbwwm.jpg (178009 bytes)
photo original is only
3"x4" in size
LindaD_GoldenChipPromoWM.jpg (152178 bytes)

NelsonCraneMortonJonesBWsm.jpg (209366 bytes) commandtrioposed.jpg (135769 bytes)
Not the best color*
commandtrioposedgreyscalemed.jpg (95242 bytes)
 I converted the pic on
 left to greyscale.
Promotional Photos - 70's or later

80's era
triopromobwmed.jpg (119339 bytes)

donated by
Patricia L

Big pic from same shoot as
autograph card

Blooper photo
signed by DH at MegaCon

lovely smile!!
SeaviewYahoo_Chip1Med.jpg (134784 bytes)
LindaDVenusAndBobmed.jpg (390556 bytes)
"Journey With Fear"
donated by  Linda D
SeaviewYahoo_Chip3Med.jpg (214113 bytes)
Seaview YahooGroup
 mortonminisubmed.jpg (141672 bytes)
First Season Promo
DianeK_ChipS1med.jpg (402206 bytes)
donated by Diane K
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oddssenprint63of100.jpg (136201 bytes)oddessenprintcert.jpg (17922 bytes)
A rare print of a wonderful artist's work!

Original Artwork by Storm
print owned by Patricia L

edited from Journey of Fear
donated by Patricia L
Proof Sets with Close Ups

This proof sheet is a true negative.  I put it on my lightbox, photographed it then inverted the pic to get the positives to the right.  I'll have prints made from select cells.
journeyfearproofsheet.jpg (289533 bytes) closeupjourneyfearproofsheet.jpg (134020 bytes)
close up of left
lobstermanproofsheet.jpg (229390 bytes) chipcloseuplobsterproofsheet.jpg (136403 bytes)
close up of left
LindaDdeadlydollsproofsheet.jpg (213291 bytes)
donated by Linda D
LindaDFiresDeathproofsheet.jpg (217246 bytes)
donated by Linda D
  LindaDChipContactSheetMed.jpg (270823 bytes)
donated by Linda D
LindaDContactSheetCloseUp.jpg (39749 bytes)
close up of left
LindaDchipperiscopeisland.jpg (224927 bytes)
donated by Linda D
LindaDchipperiscopeCloseUp.jpg (47129 bytes)
close up of left
Trading Cards

The back of this card has a totally inaccurate description of the
gentleman in the wetsuit.  WE all know it's Captain Crane.
The trading card people weren't as....observant.  ;)
donated by Diane K


A Chip Top!!

larger scans of Chip cigar bands

Spanish 'bottlecaps'


spanishposter.jpg (265909 bytes)
poster from
Spanish TV Guide

Quiz book
 spaincardMorton.jpg (177872 bytes)spaincardMortonback.jpg (93312 bytes)
collectible card from Spain

Issue #2 cover

Photo from inside Epi-Log #2 with Irwin Allen, Del & Robert

published 1987

60's era card with cast autographs
printed on the back