The Contender
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Cody hears that his brother Harlan got smashed up badly by a horse named Megaton in the bucking chute.  He and his friend E.J. head to the hospital.
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Waiting in the hospital for news, Cody accuses Stoney of not holding the horse's head like he should have.  E.J. (Bruce Dern) was chute boss.
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Stoney says it wasn't his fault but is rather nasty about it, imho.  Cody wants to attack Stoney, but E.J. holds him back.  Cody's father and sister come up and his father tells him to settle down.  He replies with a reluctant "yes, sir."
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They get word that Harlan died, Cody loses it and tries again to attack Stoney.
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Later that evening, Stoney is having a beer in a bar with Ves. Cody and E.J. walk up and Cody challenges Stoney.  They head outside to fight.
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Cody handles himself pretty well, but gets wind knocked out of him by the more experienced Stoney.  Sister and her fiance take Cody away. Next day at the rodeo, Stoney tried to mend fences by asking Cody, who is working the bucking chute, his opinion as he prepares to ride a bronc.
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After the rodeo is over and Stoney gets a "manager" he heads to Cody's family ranch to buy a horse and to flirt with Cody's sister.
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 At next rodeo, Stoney rides same horse that killed Harlan and gets serious rib damage.   He heads back to Cody's family ranch to get back up on a bronc. 
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As Stoney works hard to get back what he lost due to injury, Cody and E.J. develop respect for him and head off back to the rodeo circuit.
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Back at rodeo, they're cheering on Stoney.  When Cody's sister's fiance rides same horse that killed Harlan, he gets hung up in the saddle and Stoney rescues him with the help of Cody and E.J.  Cody's sister rushes up and is reassured that her beau is okay.  The boys - Stoney, E.J. and Cody - head off into the sunset to follow the rodeo circuit.