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Extra-Special Thanks!

Many thanks to deedoop for the kind offer to share photos, clips and other goodies from her vast collection of RD material.  It was that kindness that inspired the creation of this site. 

Special thanks to BlankJames, webmaster of the wonderfully comprehensive site,, for the screencaps from the MH episode "Body Banks."  

Many thanks to Bruce of the LIS4ever yahoo list for letting me borrow the 20th Cen. Fox press release!

  Deep thanks to C. J. Modus of Brown Bag Productions, Detroit, Michigan, for a copy of The Lovers playbill from the Cass Theatre!

Thanks to Jane Daffron and Linda Delaney for allowing me to link their contact page for Robert and for their continued  support for this site!

And, of course, my deepest thanks to Robert Dowdell for sharing his talent with us through his work, for his unfailing graciousness and patience with all my questions about his career and for his kind generosity in allowing me the honor of running his official website.

~ Kim Q